Project Management 

This component focuses mainly on administrative aspects and the capacity building to support the Project Implementation Unit to carry on the project management activities with a good capacity including supervision, reporting and monitoring and evaluation.

Based on the survey results, only 48% of the planned training has been achieved with about $60,000 out of $90,000 budget, indicating that an amount of about $30,000 left and this will not cover the remain 52% of the training. Discussion about the training needs revealed the need to assign more budget from budget surplus for the following capacity building activities.

Conducting exchange visit for the key involved senior staff from the project, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Security and Social Development in safety nets platform at neighboring countries knowing such experience. The consultant proposed Ethiopia and/or Tanzania.

Conduction of advance training abroad on communication skills, project management, Monitoring and Evaluation and budget planning for different project staff as relevant.

There is a necessity for intensively training the community mobilizers on community mobilization and organization skills, community-development’ coordination skills and safety net platform.

Based on the survey findings, that adoption of plan (B) has imposed additional efforts on the staff of the State Implementation Unit to meet the activities of managing and supervising the work of structures and this will need to be considered. This might require:

- Providing more resources and personnel to minimize efforts required.

- Improve the system of work in a way that can help to minimize efforts.