Our Mission

To provide and connect people to educational, health and human services; and enhance the capacity of individuals and health institutions to offer quality programs and services to their communities locally in Sudan.

To achieve our mission, BCISD strives to provide services that directly address the needs of our beneficiaries. We accomplish this by pursuing these goals, though not exclusively:

  •  Strengthening Governance and Institutional Capacity : BCISD will continue to provide engineering services to health facilities such as renovations for health facilities, installation of new medical equipment, installation of new generators and ambulances.

  •  Capacity Building and Training : BCISD will continue to provide training and technical assistance to other health institutions that provide services to underserved populations. And are geared towards improving health services, improving service delivery, and improving the means by which underserved populations access services.

  •  Community Participation : BCISD will continue development of sustainable safety net platforms through promoting of access to financial services within a process involving skills building and small business develop this will improve households, economy and conflict to sustainability of other project activities including the health insurance system. International Labor Organization (ILO) as partner in the body responsible for implementing training & creating enabling environments for communities.

  •  Development : BCISD will continue to participate directly or through partnerships in the development of low to moderate income housing, housing for individuals in poor communities, educational employment, vocational trainings and other entrepreneurial activities that promote economic development for the direct benefit of the community.