Area of Works

White Nile State:

White Nile is one of the 18 states of Sudan. It has an area of 39,701 km2 and an estimated population of approximately 1,140,694 (2008). Since 1994 Rabak is the capital of the state; other important cities include Kosti and Eldueim.

  • Strengthening Governance and Institutional Capacity

    Rehabilitation and renovation of 18 Health facilities and 3 offices in the White Nile state with cost of $ 3.28 million in addition to the provide hospitals with medical equipment with cost of $ 1.50 million. A number of the renovation and construction process of the health buildings are accomplished () of as the other supported services such as generators and medical equipment installations. More……

  • Capacity Building

    Human capacity are one of the major concerns of our project especially health cadres at rural, referral hospitals and health centers. Continuous Professional Development Center (CPD) & Health Academy – Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan had started a plan with the PIU to cover many training programs to different health cadres to improve their skills as the health facilities to be renovated for a better health services. 164 trainees are studying 3 years diploma of health sciences at Health Academy – Federal Ministry of Health at White Nile State, Sudan. Continuous Professional Development Center (CPD) added a great value of training programs as a part of the Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan plan to different health cadres as well. 624 trainees had already trained and other training programs will be arranged to be initiated a.s.a.p. in the next few weeks. More……

  • Sustainable Social Safety Net

    It’s a platform focuses on promoting of access to financial services within a process involving skills building and small business develop this will improve households, economy and conflict to sustainability of other project activities including the health insurance system. 12 communities are a part of the community development plan. Many Approaches are arranged and scheduled such as Tree which had scheduled to be started soon at White Nile State with our affiliate International Labor Organization (ILO). The final stage after training procedures is the startup capital plan for those communities; which Refers to the fund that is required to start a new business that assure a better life and reduction of poverty especially in developing countries. More……

  • Project Management

    This area focuses mainly on administrative aspects and the capacity building to support the Project Implementation Unit to carry on the project management activities with a good capacity including supervision, reporting and monitoring and evaluation. Project implementation unit program works under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Sudan as many social development services programs. Sudan BCISD is a project funded by the African Development Bank with contribution from Zakat Chamber, Sudan. The stockholders involved are the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF), Sudan and the International Labor Organization ILO (UN agency -